August 28, 2016

Reality Check: Most Selected XI Vs Dream Team (Game Week 3)

This post is continuation of series where we check and analyze how good the FPL managers predict as a sum by comparing the 'Most Selected XI' of the game week to the 'Final Dream Team'.

The most selected XI is based on the percentage ownership of the players among all FPL managers before the kick off of the Game Week.

The results for Game week 3 are out.

Most Selected XI
Game Week 3 - Most Selected XI
Formation    : 4-3-3
Total Points  :  35 (yet again LOL )

Final Dream Team

Formation    : 4-5-1
Total Points  : 117

35 out of possible 117 - i.e. 29.91%. The worst prediction of all 3 game weeks that we had so far. Records broken . That is what happens when strikers misfire.

Players in both XIs : Hazard

Comparing the both XIs side by side

Till next post.

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