August 29, 2016

Visualizing Player Price Change

A quick visualization based on 'Price fluctuation' of players. This should be fun as the season progresses further (data and viz. will be updated automatically). A menu dedicated for visualizations alone is already created (see the menu section on top of the webpage) and this one is also already put there. Also this visualization is totally interactive - so enjoy, try stuffs - move your cursor around, select/deselect players based on positions (by clicking the icons (MID/GKP/FWD/DEF) on top right), zoom in and out etc.

X-axis represent the price change, each players are plotted along Y-axis as a bubble, size of the bubble represents the price of the player (the higher the price the bigger it is).  Players with no change in price are excluded in chart (hence no representation along the line 0 through the middle).

Till next post

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