August 10, 2016


This is a blog about "Fantasy Premier League". And if those three words, in that order, do not make any sense to you - then the chances are, you are at a wrong place.

And if you do not enjoy "football" (or soccer, whatever comes naturally to you) and "English Premier League" either - then most certainly you are at the wrong place.

But if not, welcome to FPL Manager. Whether you got here by some random chance or through some other reference - I hope you will like it and find the posts interesting and even helpful as a FPL manager.

A short intro about how the idea of this site was born and how to use this site can be found on About menu.

Content wise, I plan to to do a lot of visualization and statistical analysis based on FPL data. Feel free to comment about anything relevant and specially any analytical ideas that you wish to explore, I would most certainly consider them.

I have also setup a twitter account (@crisscrossdata) and plan to be a lot active there. Go on, give it a follow,  to check how that plan is materializing.  Its safe -  no kidding, I will not be posting click-baits like:
"2531917 things you really need to understand about watermelons before choosing your Goalkeeper this game week 
"This chart proves that your FPL captain will score 3.7 points extra every game if you ate boiled watermelons  before kick-off ".

Sorry, I just love watermelons - though never had opportunity to try a boiled one.

More in next post, from where we will only talk football. See you there.

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