September 1, 2016

Value Check: Visualizing Points per Million Cost of Players

Another day, another post. Two quick Data Visualizations of actual value of your FPL players. 
  1. Points per million cost
  2. Points per game per million cost
I was thinking of making these charts once the season little matured (at least 5 game weeks) - but then, there I was this morning, night after the deadline day -  staring at my monitor thinking how to get through the day. Thus, here they are. Anyway, these charts will be updated automatically as the data changes every game week, so why not ? 

Please note, these charts will be placed under the menu 'Visualizations' - so next time when you are here, you wont have to find this particular post. I believe, these charts will reveal more after some more game weeks - so please come back.

Also note that the charts are interactive (as shown by the GIF above) and you are encouraged to try stuffs.

Now , when you look at them, both charts are somewhat identical,
  • On Y-axis is the total minutes played by any given player. 
  • On X-axis, first chart has total points while the second has points per game of the player
  • The size of the bubble represents the overall value of the player i.e. in case of 1st chart it is Points per million Cost (points/price of the player)  while in case of 2nd chart it is Points per Game Per million Cost. Thus the bigger the bubble size of any particular player, the more value he represents.
  • Rest you can figure out - fantasy football mangers are smart bunch. 

Now first check how the chart 'Total Points per Million Cost' looks. We have had only 3 game weeks and hence many bubbles look close to each other, as the season progress - we can expect the chart to expand more and those bubbles to pull apart from each other more.

Often, 'Points per Game per Million Cost' can be better chart of these two make good judgement, even though it is more prone to outliers (a player who played only one game the whole season but scored 10 points can lead to very wrong assumption - hence it was important to include minutes in the chart. Always check the minutes - more the minutes played, better the consistency of the player,  when all other variables are same).

Have fun with above and if you have any request for any type of Data Tables or Visualizations let me know. You can connect me on twitter @fplAnalytics or email at 

Till next post.

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