December 25, 2016

New Table: Player's Points Breakdown

The table breaks down the Total Fantasy Premier League points obtained by every player who has made an appearance during the season.
  •  Here is how it works: Every column lists the total points obtained by the player for that event, so far this season. Eg: a midfielder obtains 5 points for scoring a goal, and if he has scored 10 goals during the season so far - the value shown under column 'Goal' would be 10 * 5 = 50. 
  • The 'Rest' column includes the sum of points obtained by the player for 'Making appearances', 'Playing for 60 minutes or more in a game' and in case of Goalkeepers points obtained from 'Shots Saved'. 
For ease of finding later, this table is directly placed under the menu 'Season 16/17

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