Tools for FPL pros

All Data

points scored, minutes played, bonus, previous seasons, player ownerships

injuries, price changes, transfers, top fpl managers, fixtures difficulties

and much more ....

All Stats

Points per game, ownership percent, points breakdown, ICT vs price

transfers in/out ratio, points distribution by teams/players/positions

All Analytics

Interactive Charts, Data tables, Treemaps, Plots, Wordclouds

the experience of complete business analytics dashboard on your browser


All the data from the game in clean tabular format featuring sort, filter, search and even download (selected pages) actions.


Tools and fun stuffs to query various details of the game.

Top Managers

Player owenership percentage among very top managers vs the rest.


Data Visualizations and Analytics from the game to get closer insights, find patterns and trends to make data driven fpl decisions.


FPL historical data from previous seasons for your research, analysis, queries or pure nostalgia.


Featured leagues and other general posts and informations.

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